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A beautiful mix of science and personalization

The Simple Method To Lose Weight For Good.

Click the link below to learn how millions of people have already taken full control of their health.


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Raving Reviews

"This program is easy to use and I like the self-paced courses. The foods are getting easier to identify in each of the color categories. It’s definitely helping me see where my food favorites lie. I also really appreciate the connection between habits and psychology tricks."


Decorah, IA

"I’ve done nearly every weight loss program available in 25 years. I have seen immediate improvement in my behavior and weight with this program. I’m a pretty smart manipulator, but the psychology addresses the behavior directly and gives real life methods to overcome my brain!"


Port Charlotte, FL

"Little changes have impacted parts of my life I didn’t expect. Because of little changes in types of food I’m eating I’ve been able to discontinue a medication for reflux. My sleeping has improved, still need to figure out the occasional awake all night ordeals but I’m pleased with the results. Started out thinking about weight loss but the other benefits have been more profound!"


Glenmoore, PA

What You Will Learn

  • Understand a better relationship with food

  • Be more mindful of your habits

  • More knowledge and support for long-lasting change

  • More joy. Less stress

  • Meeting your health goals, from weight loss to managing diabetes

  • Providing insight, skill development and education to help you understand the 'why' behind stress

  • Course Created by

    Jess Jones

    Click the link below to learn how millions of people have already taken full control of their health. 


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